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CommsOffice Voice is our professional 24/7 call recording solution. Server based, reliable, secure and most importantly FSA and PCI compliant, our recorders are relied on by businesses throughout the world.


Our biggest differentiator is demonstrated when existing CommsOffice customers add call recording. Their familiar call management reports will start to show icons linking to every itemised call recording. That's what you get when you invest in a product family that's designed around the same database.



CommsOffice Voice

Unrivalled recording and reporting features in one package

CommsOffice Voice call recording solutions include call management reporting features, a high specification PC/server and unlimited client licences for search and playback. All kinds of businesses and departments are now using call recording. From calls to the emergency services to holiday bookings taken over the phone, voice recordings can protect an organisation from dispute and help it to refine its customer service delivery.


Most telephone systems (call for details)

ROI Arguments

  • Liability: Resolve disputes & protect your business with recorded evidence
  • Quality control: Improve employee performance & customer satisfaction
  • Security: Detect or deter security breaches & inappropriate calls
  • Training: Coach your employees with examples of high & low quality calls
  • Marketing data: learn about your customers & their response to marketing campaigns
  • Compliance: Comply with FSA or PCI standards

Dispute Resolution & Quality

Two of the main reasons for companies investing in recording are dispute resolution and call centre quality and training. Both demand different approaches to voice capture and storage, but both also require users to consider a variety of common factors when planning their voice recording.


Statutory or regulatory imperative is the primary driver of this trend. In the financial sector, for instance, where millions are traded over the phone every day, comprehensive voice record keeping is now a mandatory requirement; the Financial Services Association demands that voice transactions be as easily recovered and audited as any other kind of electronic record.

This means that not only must financial traders employ a "blanket" policy of capturing all voice transactions, both inbound and outbound but they must also be able to accurately recover the records of those transactions in a "reasonable time" and also guarantee their authenticity.

To ensure that the right calls can be recovered in the "reasonable time" demanded by the FSA (typically within two days of it being requested), call logging systems must also be able to apply meaningful data to call records that enable multiple-call transactions to be recovered as a compound record; they must be able to identify all calls made by a given individual; and they must be able to associate voice records with relevant electronic records to provide a complete chain of evidence in the event of an inquiry or dispute.

Creating an audit trail for evidential purposes, then, has been the primary focus of voice capture efforts. But many companies are beginning to realise that those voice files contain potentially valuable information about the quality of service that they provide to customers - and how that quality might be improved.


CommsOffice Voice is priced by it's connection method, ie trunk side or extension side

CommsOffice is the ultimate communications management system, offering maturity, stability, ease of use and powerful market-leading technology.


Key Questions to ask yourself
with regard to call recording:

  • Does your industry regulator require
    voice capture?
  • Does your organisation achieve
    significant transaction volumes/value
    via the telephone?
  • Does your organisation offer professional advice over the telephone?
  • Are your staff subject to verbal abuse
    from callers?
  • Does your regulator stipulate a minimum retention period for voice/data records?
  • What is the maximum time period during which a typical business may be subject to dispute or error checking?
  • What proportion of calls received/
    originated from your organisation carry
    a risk of dispute and/or statutory record
  • Do you need to practice 'blanket'
  • What is the typical length of call likely
    to be recorded?
  • If voice transactions may be used in
    evidence, can you guarantee voice
    record quality?
  • Does your business/service need online
    access to voice records?
  • What level of legal/commercial risk do
    unrecorded voice transactions present
    to your organisation?
  • Are voice transactions a significant/
    growing element of your business
  • Can call quality be competitive
  • Can voice records capture data that
    would be lost to a conventional online
    CRM system?

If you can answer the questions above, you already have call reporting.


Commsoft Software Solutions Limited cannot guarantee 100% of calls are recorded due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to; software application conflicts, PC hardware or environment failure, network failure, power failure, telephone system equipment or telephone system data output failure, user accidental or intentional deletion.